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Driving Greater Civic Engagement – Catalogue for Philanthropy Rebrands as Spur Local

Driving Greater Civic Engagement — Catalogue for Philanthropy Rebrands as Spur Local

Washington, DC — The Catalogue for Philanthropy is thrilled to announce that it is rebranding as Spur Local, beginning a new chapter in the organization’s 20-year history of supporting critical nonprofits that work to strengthen the Greater Washington region.

Since 2003, Spur Local has connected thousands of DC residents with the hundreds of small, community-based nonprofits in their neighborhoods that have limited capacity to share their stories more widely. Through The Catalog, Spur Local’s annual print and digital publication, these nonprofits reach new supporters across the region who want a streamlined, purposeful way to engage.

Beyond raising their visibility, Spur Local has also become the region’s largest capacity builder for small nonprofits, training 20,000+ nonprofit participants since 2020. Spur Local provides resources tailored for small teams and budgets that amplify their strengths, open doorways to additional support, and sustain their long-term work in values-aligned ways.

Spur Local’s new brand reflects the evolution of the organization and its commitment to equity, collaboration, resiliency, empowerment, and community. Over the past two decades, Spur Local has seen grassroots organizations nimbly addressing the needs of local communities by working with them to make a real difference.

“At Spur Local, we look at systemic change as an ecosystem in which everyone plays an important role,” said Matt Gayer, Executive Director of Spur Local. “In our region alone, there are multiple grassroots movements advancing change. Spur Local’s role is to facilitate the critical connections that strengthen this ongoing work and empower all community members to act as the change agents they are.”

“We at Spur Local believe in the power of hyperlocal efforts and are excited to move forward with this passion and advocacy reflected in our new brand.”

About Spur Local

As the Greater Washington region’s only locally-focused guide to giving, Spur Local believes in the power of small nonprofits to spark big change together. Since 2003, Spur Local has raised more than $57 million from 10,000+ supporters for its network of 400+ critical local nonprofits, who are selected every year in a community-driven process led by 170+ local volunteers. Through its capacity building programs, Spur Local has trained 20,000+ nonprofit professionals, strengthening their skills as individuals and their relationships as organizations.

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