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There are many ways to give back, from donating to volunteering to showing up at an event.

Whether you’re passionate about protecting the Potomac, supporting arts education, or advocating for affordable housing, you can find a local nonprofit in our network to engage with and make a greater impact together.

Donate through Spur Local

When you donate through the Spur Local portal, there’s no need for multiple checks or giving through multiple websites. You can make one donation and, as your agent, we will distribute your funds to the nonprofits you choose—with no administrative fees to worry about. We raise funds for our organization separately so that your donations go directly to our nonprofit partners.

Find a Nonprofit

Want to view our nonprofit partners on an interactive map? Click here! Or looking for more ways to give? Learn more here!

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

We make it easy to connect with the nonprofits around you that are looking for volunteers to further their mission. Use our website to search for local volunteer opportunities by issue area, location, group size, and more.

Volunteer with a Nonprofit

Interested in getting more involved with a local nonprofit? Consider joining a nonprofit board! Board members bring a variety of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives to the financial and strategic management of an organization. Serving on a board can be an effective way to leverage your network and resources to amplify the work of a nonprofit you truly believe in.

Sign in to our Board Connections portal or complete this form to learn more.

Attend a Nonprofit Event

Our calendar of upcoming events includes timely volunteer opportunities, family-friendly events, nonprofit fundraisers, community events, and more.

Nonprofit Events

Spread the Word

Let your friends know about Spur Local as a resource for finding and supporting critical local nonprofits! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and tag us at @spurlocal when sharing about how you’re a local nonprofit supporter.

Who are the nonprofits in the Spur Local network

All nonprofit partners are chosen by residents who live or work in the Greater Washington region. As part of our annual review process, these 170+ volunteers look beyond the traditional metrics of evaluation and address questions that people don’t always think to ask or have the time to assess. What need is a nonprofit meeting? Are its finances sound? What impact does it make on our local communities, and how does it involve communities in their work?

Through this democratic decision-making process, we then determine the critical local nonprofits that join our network, and enter a four-year partnership with us.

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