My Spur Local Account

Why sign up for a Spur Local account? When you sign up, you gain access to a wide range of benefits, such as:

Saved Favorites – enables you to create a list of the Spur Local nonprofit partners that most interest you. Come back to the list whenever you like to make a donation, find a volunteer opportunity, or use some of the other features listed below.

Donation History – enables you to track three years’ worth of giving for tax purposes and for your own records.

Gift Registry – lets you create a registry that encourages friends and family to donate to Spur Local nonprofit partners instead of giving a traditional gift.

Gift Cards – offers you the opportunity to give someone else the gift of philanthropy in an easy and attractive way.

Family Philanthropy -- gives you access to 100+ charities chosen for their "kid friendliness" and lets children print their own personal catalogues too.

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