Resource Library

Building and strengthening organizational capacity is critical for nonprofits to sustain their work. Too often, such capacity building resources for nonprofits are unaffordable for small nonprofits and are not tailored to their experience working with small teams and budgets.

Over the past two decades, Spur Local – formerly the Catalogue for Philanthropy – has worked with hundreds of grassroots nonprofits. Our team knows about the challenges of balancing competing demands, growing a small organization sustainably, and practicing the necessary fundraising, marketing, and management skills in ways that align with our values.

We created our digital resource library as a resource for the community. Each of the 200+ (and counting) tools, templates, worksheets, videos, and more in the library is designed specifically for small nonprofits because we want you to have the actionable, relevant, and practical knowledge you need to succeed. All this content is created exclusively by nonprofit professionals that understand your day-to-day reality.

Existing Spur Local nonprofit partners can login and access the digital resource library at this link.

Individuals and organizations outside of our network can purchase a membership, which is priced on a sliding scale and will also give you access to join 80+ live webinars a year and our annual National Small Nonprofit Summit in April, where you can learn with and from other professionals in peer-led conversations and networking and skill-building sessions. Our consulting services are all available for nonprofits outside of our DC-area network.

Testimonials from Nonprofit Participants

“I truly appreciate your programming, especially the changes within the past year or so. My favorite parts of attending Catalogue events are that I can solidify and supplement my existing knowledge on particular topics and additionally feel/observe that I'm not alone in facing some perennial issues.”

“Through your trainings and others, I change or adapt what is already being done to add the new ideas I hear and learn. With most webinars, I think if you get two "nuggets" of information, you are doing well, especially when the webinars are short.”

“I feel more equipped and confident in developing communication strategies to continue to engage our community of supporters and followers.”

“I have considered how to communicate differently and effectively across the spectrum of our supporters and followers. Understanding that folks follow and/or support our organizations for different reasons and learning how to target those groups effectively has been very helpful. I have also learned how to shape newsletters and updates to harness on positivity and storytelling.”

Interested in Purchasing Institutional Memberships?

If you are a funder, association, or other organization looking to provide capacity building resources for the nonprofits in your network, please reach out to Chiara Frechette, our Nonprofit Programs Director.