General Information

  • Volunteer Opportunities / Responsibilities: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Volunteers are needed to advocate for children in the Alexandria/Arlington juvenile court system. Volunteers advocate for children in abuse and neglect cases, custody cases, and cases where a child is in need of services. Volunteers conduct interviews with the children, families, and professionals involved in the cases, monitor compliance with the Court orders, and attend Court hearings where they represent the best interests of the children. The time commitment is roughly 20 hours a month, and we ask volunteers to make a one-year commitment to the program.

    Children’s Program Coordinators for Parenting Classes facilitate structured children's activities. Some training is required. Parents may bring their children to share in the children's activities.

    Children’s Program Coordinators for Parent Support Groups facilitate structured children's activities. Some training is required. Parents may bring their children to share in the children's activities.

    Childcare Volunteers at Parenting Classes & Support Groups during various daytime and evening classes and workshops for parents throughout the year. SCAN is seeking volunteers to provide childcare during these various events.

    Scan also utilizes Meal Logistics Volunteers for parenting classes.

    Nurturing Parenting Facilitators at SCAN's parenting programs, which are offered 4 times throughout the year, twice in English and twice in Spanish in Alexandria for approximately 6 weeks. SCAN is seeking a person willing to become trained to co-facilitate a 6-week parenting class using the Assuring Better Children curriculum of the Parent Nurturing Program. SCAN is seeking both Spanish speaking and English speaking facilitators.

    Parent Support Group Facilitators work with a group of parents for at least one year. Parents share the leadership role with the facilitator who guides the group and acts as a resource to link the parents with other community services. Meetings are held weekly for 1 ˝ to 2 hours. SCAN is seeking both English speaking and Spanish speaking facilitators.

    Pinwheel Partner Volunteers help prepare the pinwheels and public education materials that will be disseminated. Volunteer groups and individuals work with local business to encourage more awareness in April.

    Special Event Volunteers help with SCAN's fundraising, public awareness, and educational events throughout the year, such as the Croquet Day, Toast to Hope and community fairs. Help SCAN educate the community about child abuse and neglect prevention! Volunteers are needed to help out at Northern Virginia fairs, festivals, special events, and other public venues. Volunteers help distribute literature about SCAN, child abuse prevention, and healthy parenting. This is a great opportunity to reach thousands of people and to interact with other SCAN volunteers and staff!

    Administrative Volunteers are needed to help with office organization, newsletter mailings and more.

    Fundraising Volunteers assist with the coordination of special events, solicitation of local businesses for donations of silent auction items, preparation and organization of materials related to fundraising, and/or planning around solicitations of local businesses. Actual volunteer tasks will vary according to the volunteer’s experience, contacts, and comfort level. Fundraising volunteers are provided with training, support, and materials. There are opportunities to assist in all stages of fundraising projects, including: coordinating an event, graphic design of promotional materials, assistance with mass mailings, follow up calls to local businesses, or meetings with local business leaders. Commitment can range from several hours a week for a limited number of weeks leading up to an event or a few hours a month long-term.

    You may also be interested in organizing a fundraiser and making SCAN the beneficiary. You can work with a group of your coworkers, your Civic Club, a women's group, a church group, a Scout troop, or any group that wants to work together to organize a fundraiser to help stop child abuse in Northern Virginia. Be creative! More information and a benefit proposal form are available.

    Research Aides help SCAN keep on top of current information regarding child safety, child abuse and neglect, and resources available for education and prevention. SCAN seeks volunteers to research topics for fact sheets, workshops, and various SCAN activities.

    Technical Support Volunteers assist in website (Wordpress) design, maintenance, database maintenance and general office support.
  • Types of Volunteers Needed: individual/adult; adult groups of less than 5; families with children; adult groups of 6 or more, including corporate teams
  • Hours Needed: business hours during the week